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Nail Polish Lottery Club – Week 10

Hi everyone!

Long time no see! I missed all my NPL Club friends.

As you know, I moved flats last week. All is good, and I am happy with the move. But I do not have internet yet, it will be installed only next Friday.

Still, I am not giving up on the club, and I am posting my result for week 10.

This week surprise! Another green: Sally Hansen Color Quick in Green Chrome. It is the first time I am trying this kind of nail polish pen. To use the “pen” you shake it really well and click to dispense the polish. The trick is not to dispense too little, or too much.
I found it pretty easy to use.

My only mini complaint is that the brush is a little too big. Also, after you finish, you have to clean the brush, so the nail polish left doesn’t dry.

The nail polish dries quick to a metallic finish. I’d recommend not to use top coat. When I added the SH top coat I usually use, it ruined the metallic finish a little.

All in all I like this nail polish and will be using it again.

What have you been up to? Can’t wait to catch up with the club next week!




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