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Nail Polish Lottery Club ~ Week 12 ~ 31 March 2013

Hi everyone!

First of all Happy Easter to those of you celebrating! I hope you are having a wonderful time with your families.

Now, it is time for the Nail Polish Lottery Club. This week’s NPL club number was 97. As I don’t have 97 polishes, I could have used 9+7=16. But this week I’m cheating a bit and using 1+6=7, which what do you know? Number 7 on my list is this new Revlon Moon Candy I just bought.

Revlon Moon Candy was released in the UK just this week. As I always see them on Youtube, I had no idea that we don’t have the Moon Candies here in the UK.

Today, I’m wearing Revlon Moon Candy in Galactic.

The base, as usual is OPI Nail Envy. I followed with two coats of the dark color, 1 top coat, and 1 coat of the glittery stuff. Whatever you do, do not apply as me! Ideally you should use: 1 coat base, 1 coat dark color, 1 coat glittery stuff and you will have beautiful manicure, trust me.

But enough with the chit chat, here’s this weeks video:

And enjoy the photos:

Revlon Moon Candy Galactic

Revlon Moon Candy Galactic

Revlon Moon Candy Galactic

Revlon Moon Candy Galactic

Revlon Moon Candy Galactic

Revlon Moon Candy Galactic

As usual, let me know how your week went, and what nail polish you’re wearing!

To keep up to date with the NPL club please like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NailPolishLotteryClub

Want to join? Read the NPL club guidelines and please contact me or Judi.


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  1. * judit1661 says:

    I don’t think your nails look bad at all with all those steps, but are they too thick maybe? For you? Your manicure from Boots was beautiful btw, I bet it was hard to remove!
    Your friend

    | Reply Posted 5 years, 6 months ago
    • * Diana says:

      It looks good, it’s just a bit to thick. Also, if I hadn’t applied the top coat before the glitter, I think the glitter would have stuck to the nail polish much better. This way I had to come back with the glitter, so now it’s nail polish overload lol.
      The free manicure wasn’t that hard to remove bc it chipped a little & and I really, really wanted to try out this one 😉

      | Reply Posted 5 years, 6 months ago

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