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My new make up budget

After some consideration, I decided that I need to set myself a make up budget.
Right now, the amount of money I spend every month varies, but I have a feeling it is slightly higher than it should be. So having a fixed budget would be best.

One of the people who inspired me to do this, is April from Youtube.
Please go and see her channel and her blog. She is doing a very good job at using up products, and most recently has set herself up a spending limit.

I am bringing her idea a little further, and set myself the following new “purchase policy”:

  1. A month = the period between my pay dates. e.g. Month #1 is starting on 25th of May and ending on the 26th of June 2012.
  2. Each month I will set a budget depending on my expenses that month.
  3. The budget for each month cannot be more than 100£.
  4. The exception months are: October, December, January when I can spend up to £200.
  5. Each month I will withdraw the money in cash, and keep it in a separate purse.
  6. The money is transferable between months, what is in the purse already, stays in the purse.
  7. If I spend more than the set budget, I’m going to subtract from next month’s budget. (e.g. I overspent by 20£ – next month my maximum budget allowed will be be 80£ instead of 100£).
  8. The budget applies to make up, including SPF, nail polish and make up remover. “Hybrid” make up products are still included (e.g. primer with SPF, tinted moisturizer, BB cream). Brushes are included too!
  9. Excluded are: toiletries, perfume, skin care, hair care.

Now it is in writing on my blog and also on my channel, so I have to do it!

Wish me luck!


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