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Barry M Eyeshadow Pencil in Gold Cream

Barry M released these new eyeshadow pencils about two weeks ago.

They looked really cute, and as I was really curios I bought the White Gold one.

This is a mini-review of the pencil.

Price and availability: £4.59 on the Barry M website, available at Superdrug and Boots too
Claims: Waterproof, luxuriously smooth and long wearing eyeshadow pencils. Wear them as a solid colour or blend them with a powder. Perfect for day time and night-time looks
Color description: Looks white, when applied on skin it is white gold with shimmer. It can be built up, but it is a sheer color.
Application: When swiped on the eye it comes off “chalky”, it needs good blending. If you want to build it up, it requires a lot of work. (At least that is how the pencil works on me)
How it performs It is long-lasting, but after some time it doesn’t look so good and creases without primer.
Without primer it lasted me about 4 hours before fading/creasing. With primer around 6 hours. It is very shimmery so it can enhance any imperfections.
Personal opinion The color is very pretty, I like it a lot.
It would be nice to use the pencil as a base, but is not creamy enough. It needs too much blending.
This color could be best used as inner corner highlighter and/or brow bone highlighter.
I do not regret the purchase, but it is under my expectations.
The other colors might perform better.

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