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My skincare while on Roaccutane

Roaccutane dries out skin incredibly. Moreover it makes the skin very fragile, dries out the lips, closes the pores (at least one good thing!), stops the skin from regenerating and makes the skin photo sensitive.

While doing my research, on a website someone was putting it as “taking Roaccutane is basically making your exfoliate permanently“. I’m not sure if the is scientifically accurate, but it sure feels like that.

The doctor gave me zero recommendations as what to use, and it was very difficult for me to find any kind of advice on this. In the end, I figured it out myself.

The main idea was:
I used products for oily or combination skin even though my skin was dry. I figured out if I over moisturize the skin, I will reverse the healing of the Roaccutane.
Make sure that I use products that encourage skin regeneration as Roacuttane stops that.
I did not exfoliate in any form. Some people use mild exfoliation, but I felt that it would be very damaging to my skin.

Here is what I used:


  • Washed my face as normal
  • Toned with Paula’s Choice RESIST Advanced Replenishing Toner Skin Remodeling Complex
  • Moisturized with Neutrogena oil-free moisture Sensitive Skin. I was lucky that someone brought this for me from the USA, I believe it’s not available in the UK. It is a very basic moisturizer, but I felt it would be really appropriate on Roaccutane. I did not want to risk having a reaction to any of the ingredients of other more “fancy” solutions, as my skin was over sensitive.
  • I also used Paula’s Choice RESIST Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum as I felt that my skin could use a bit of antioxidant help.
  • If the skin felt really bad, I would apply a little jojoba oil with the moisturizer. But generally, I did not have time for it in the morning.
  • The most important step was the SPF. I used Clinique City Block Sheer SPF 25. For UK autumn-winter time, SPF 25 is more than enough. The reason I used this SPF is that I noticed that other chemical ones were irritating my skin. So I switched to a physical one, which is a little difficult to apply when your skin is like sandpaper. But not impossible!


  • Make up removal with Shu Uemura High Performance Oil
  • Toned same as in the morning
  • The same moisturizer and serum as in the morning
  • The last step was to apply a thick layer of jojoba oil all over the face and lips. By the time I was going to sleep it was mostly absorbed, but I did not remove the extra and left it on over night.

As you can see, a pretty simple routine.
A month after I stopped the treatment, I switched the moisturizer and I’m slowly reintroducing exfoliation into my routine. The rest stayed the same.

Check out my Pinterest board with the products too!

If you are or were taking Roaccutane, what products would you recommend?


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