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My story: acne part 2

Time for part 2 of my story!

In my acne part 1 post I have told you all about my experience with acne since I was a teenager until I moved to London at 24.

Immediately after I moved to London, I registered with a GP, as I didn’t want to leave anything to chance. I did not ask them for a dermatologist referral and they didn’t mention it either.
At this point, I had some medicine left from Romania and I used it for a few months. After that, I just continued with various over the counter treatments, but to be honest, I didn’t follow them up too much.
I thought that I already tried everything and that nothing works for me.

Only after almost 2 years, when I registered with another GP they sent me to a dermatologist. He said it’s not normal to have such a bad case of acne at my age and that I have to take care of it.

This is how I got to Whittington hospital. I am still going there at the moment, and since my first visit I have seen 3 doctors at this hospital!

Doctor number 1: a lovely lady that I have seen only once. She gave me pretty sound advice, now that I think of it.

She prescribed me two creams, one for night and one for day. She explained how to introduce them slowly into my routine, and also explained exactly how much I should use. She scheduled a check up after 3 months.
She also mentioned Roaccutane, but she said let’s think about it next time.

Unfortunately, I did not follow her advice exactly. I started using the creams in the correct way but after a while I kept forgetting to use one or the other. In the third month, before the check up I started using them daily again, but this irritated my skin very badly.

Doctor number 2: when I went for my 3 month check up, the first doctor was not there, but another one!

When she saw how irritated my face was she prescribed another face cream (Finacea) and an antibiotic. She also said she suspects I have rosacea, but did not give me any information about it.

I have seen this doctor and followed the treatment for 6 months. My acne was getting cured, my face was looking good but still very red and irritated.

After 6 months of treatment the doctor said to stop the antibiotic and to use Finacea only.

This is where the worst 3 months of my acne experience started.
As soon as I stopped the antibiotic, the worst break outs of my life appeared. My face was covered with nodules everywhere, and extremely red and irritated.
I tried all I could do when it comes to using the right products and I followed strict skin care and hygiene rules daily.
Nothing worked.

When it was time for my next check up, again, I found out that doctor number 2 left the hospital. This time I was sent to the clinical lead of the dermatology department.

More about what doctor number 3 told me and what treatment he gave me, in the next post!


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