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Current Youtube favorites

I could spend hours watching Youtube make up videos… Ok, sometimes I actually do.There are so many of them, but I wish there were even more!
So I’d like to share with you my current favorites.
You probably already know many of them.

Lisa Eldridge

She needs no introduction. She is the reason I started to be interested in make up, but that’s another story.
She is very passionate, a true artists, extremely creative with her looks.
And let’s not forget, she has a lovely voice!
From her latest videos, I think this one really shows how much research she puts into her work:

Wayne Goss

Again, a very popular youtuber. I love his make up tips. He always challenges the “normal” way to do make up. And most of all, I love that his videos are short and to the point.
The first video I ever watched with him is this one:


Her channel is a recent discovery for me.
Hana is East European so maybe that’s why I like her so much. I just love listening to her and her accent!
I think that this video really shows her personality:


Cam is an American living in Denmark. She loves make up and her videos are hilarious.
You have to watch this one to the end:


Another Youtube pro!
Emily has the ultimate make up collection and her videos are always really well researched. You can trust her opinion.
Enjoy her latest make up haul:

Who are your Youtube favorites?


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