Diana's Make up World

My make up corner – a bit of heaven

I think it’s time I introduced to you my little make up corner.
This is where I basically I keep all my make up and beauty products. I also apply most of the make up in there, standing, or standing next to the window.
As you can see, it is not a big collection. My goal is to have a bit of everything, but use up all I have. [Don’t tell anyone but I might have too many lipsticks already!]

My collection - click on the photo for a larger version

It’s been organized like this for about a few months, it took me a while to figure it out.

Here is how I organized it, to make it easy for every day morning make up:

  • In the back right next to the mirror: A few Glossybox outer boxes stuffed full with things I don’t need very often. (e.g. travel containers)
  • In the back: several more boxes: one with mostly hair stuff, one with essentials like deodorant, body lotion etc.
  • Last item in the back row, my Clinque bag. I keep all my face skin care products in it. I have the ones that I use daily at the top, and several back ups or that I don’t use that often at the bottom.
  • Front row next to the mirror: a box full of q-tips, baby wipes, make up remover wipes etc.
  • Front row: A very tiny box I got as a gift with scented candles in it. It’s perfect to slip in my eye liner pencils, my one and only paint pot and few other items of similar size
  • Front row: a messy box – it has my SPF products, primers, foundation, concealer and a huge pile of lipsticks/lipglosses
  • Front row: a box with all my eye palettes and I fit around them my Superdrug face brush and some make up sponges (which I don’t really use)
  • Last but not least: a mirror, a glass with tools like nail clippers, eye curler, tweezers and a funny cup with all my brushes.

What do you think of it?
How do you organize your make up?


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