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Brushes of the week

After cleaning my brushes (as I do every week), I thought I could keep track of what brushes I use most, and post them on the blog.

Brushes are one of the most difficult items to buy. They usually are expensive, so they are a major investment in our make up collection. Without the right brush, there’s no point in having good make up products.

From now on, on a weekly basis, I want to look back at what brushes I used and why.

Here is the round-up of all brushes I used this week:

  • Shu Uemura Natural 18 brush: This is probably my favorite brush. I used it to apply foundation almost every day.
  • E.l.f Studio Stippling Brush: for a more “airbrushed” finish, I use this brush. It is an amazing good quality brush for the price. It is not the most dense stippling brush in the world, but it’s worth every penny of the £3.50 price tag. I cannot justify buying the MAC equivalent, as this brush is very good.
  • Supedrug kabuki brush: this week I used it to apply highlighter on the forehead.
  • Space NK cheek contour brush: I used it for contour, and highlight on the cheekbone area. I bought my brush in the 50% sale, I’m not impressed with the quality of this brush. The bristles, even though they are goat hair, are not as soft as I expected.
  • Laura Mercier cheek colour brush: as the name suggests, I used it for blush. My brush was part of the “day to night” set. The only link I could find for the brush is this one. If the brush I have retails at £39, it’s definitely not worth that much money.
  • E.l.f bamboo blending brush: again, an excellent value for money brush. This week, I used it mostly to blend in under eye concealer.
  • MAC 217: This brush doesn’t need any explanations. I used it to apply all my eye make up (highlight, base, crease and finally blending). Yes, it’s a big “mistake” to use the same brush for different eye shadows, but I had absolutely no time in the morning.
  • Urban decay eye shader brush: this brush came with the Naked palette. I don’t remember what I used it for this week, but it was dirty so I used it for something.
  • Ecotools angled eyeliner brush: I am really trying to use it every day, but I’m very bad with eyeliner. It is a decent value for money brush.

And the tools I used:

What was your favorite brush this week?


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