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Top 5 most used – January 2012

As there is a trend to write/vlog about monthly favorites I thought I’d publish every month what the most used 5 items of make up were for me.
Hopefully it will be fun to look back at these posts a year from now.

This month is a lot of Laura Mercier products because I bought the “day to night” set on 50% off offer. (Great deal, but I didn’t love all the products in the set).

Here they are:

In the order I apply them:

  • Laura Mercier Foundation Primer.
    This came with the “day to night” set. It’s a good primer, no complaints except that it doesn’t have SPF. It goes on well with the Silk Creme foundation.
  • Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation (in cream ivory).
    Only good things are said about this foundation so I had to try it. I’m using it daily because I bought it, but not necessarily because it’s the best. It has good coverage and a nice silk finish (as in the name) but it fills in my pores and dry skin areas. I’m applying it with a brush because I don’t like sponges. With a sponge it was slightly better but I have to build on more product. Again, it doesn’t have SPF and this month I’ve been going out without applying any additional SPF. This is fine for January in London but it won’t work later in the year.
  • Vichy Dermablend Ultra – Corrective Foundation Cream Stick (in porcelain 11).
    Another foundation? No, I’m using this as under eye concealed. It’s supposed to be heavy-duty coverage, and it’s ok for me.
    I actually bought this product when I had severe acne and oily skin. As foundation, the color is a bit light for me. Coverage wise it lives up to the name. But beware, it’s heavy so it might be like a mask! (I know, if you have sever acne like I did, you might prefer the “mask”). I used to apply a light foundation first, after which I applied this on top, only on the problem areas.
  • Sleek Face Contour Kit (in light).
    I used this almost every day, especially for the highlighter. My skin has been very dull in January.
  • Laura Mercier Full Blown Volume Mascara (in black).
    This is definitely not a favorite mascara, but I have been using every day. Why? Because I paid for it, of course!
    I throw out my mascara every three months so I only have 2 months to go. It does give volume and lengthen the lashes but it has some fall out and smudging. The worst part, is actually managing to apply it. The wand comes out of the tube with a lot of excess product.

Although these products are the ones I used almost every day in January, they are not favorites. Some of them are to be replaced soon. But I don’t intend to waste my money, so I will use them up first!

What are your January most used products?


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