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My Story: first make up brush

The first make up brush I ever bought was an impulse buy, but a very lucky buy!
I don’t remember the exact date of the purchase, but it’s about a year since then.

The day that I bought the brush, I didn’t specifically go out shopping for make up. As I was in the Covent Garden area I went into MAC store and felt very overwhelmed. I had no idea what I could buy and it was very busy, no one to help me. So I went out and to the Shu Uemura store just next to it.
Somehow the sales lady convinced me to buy the more expensive brush (of course!).

After I left the shop I was in a bit of shock on how much money I had spent! I actually almost went back!

Needless to say, I love this brush and I’m using it almost every day. Since then, I’m a big Shu Uemura fan, especially when it comes to brushes. They are high quality and worth the money.

Do you remember the first make up brush you bought? How did you choose it?


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