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My story: how it all began

Make up
Not so long time ago I was pretty much unaffected by the sight of the make up counter, and for sure I wouldn’t have known in advance about upcoming make up collections! So how did I get here? Well…

Until a year ago, my make up routine was: foundation, mascara, (optional) lipgloss and (really optional) one shadow. What did I do for special occasions? Well, all of the previously mentioned then. Not that I didn’t like make up or beauty, but the make up counter can be a scary place. I’m still scared of the sales people sometimes! On top of that I’m very clumsy so make up application is not the easiest thing for me. I also thought this is something for the professionals.

By chance, everything changed when I discovered a link to Lisa Eldridge’s website. I watched one of her videos and I was instantly mesmerized! I continued watching her videos for hours. Of course, it was information overload! Seeing how she does everything so easily, so naturally made me realize that there is so much more to make up!
So I decided to start investing on some tools and products and to start learning how to really apply make up.
The first step was face make up because I was already applying this. I started with buying a foundation brush and a good concealer. I was already happy with the foundation I had, so I moved on to the next easy step: primer. I turned to MAC and bought my first MAC products: Prep + Prime Skin and a lipstick. I don’t remember which lipstick it was, but I was not very impressed with the quality. Since then I have bough some better ones, both high end and lower end.
From those first products purchased it didn’t take me too long to become obsessed with make up.
Now, I enjoy applying it every day, and even look forward to the process.

To end my story, here are the videos that are to blame for my obsession:


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