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Space NK N.dulge Rewards

N.dulge card
I have so many reward cards from lots of shops and I rarelly actually get anything back from them.
But the Space NK one seems like a very good deal.
When I was asked if I want the card, my first thought was: “Oh, another one? I don’t really need it”. Even so, I subscribed just the same. (Mental note: learn to say “no” to sales people).

All the specifics are on the Space NK website.

The basic idea is that every 100£ you spend you get 5£ back. How cool is that? For example a cashback credit card gives you about 2-3% cashback. With this you get 5% return! If you spend over 1000£ in a year, then you get 10£ back every 100£ you spend. Fingers crossed I never, ever reach this status!

It’s very easy to build up the points too, as Space NK sells pricier products. For example I have just redeemed 5£ in December. Now, after the January sales I already have 70 points on my card!
Ok, maybe it’s not something to boast about, I should really be saving money by transferring them to a bank account, not “saving” money in the Janury sales.
But if you are going to splurge a little, 5% back si really good.
The only disadvantage is that Space NK doesn’t have a wider selection of brands. If they did, I would buy everything from them.

What do you think? Do you have other cards better than this?

Disclaimer: I am not working for Space NK or paid by them in any way.


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