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December Glossybox

Glossybox is one of my newer discoveries.
While I was browsing Youtube beginning of December I noticed an ad for this. The idea is that you pay 10£ plus 2.95£ for shipping per month and each month you receive “5 luxury product miniatures from high-end brands”. (Quote is from their wesite). Each month there are more than 5 product available, but the ones you recieve depend on your beauty profile which you fill when joining. (Of course if there is a limited product it depends on luck as well). After testing the products you can answer a short survey about what you thought. The survey gives you points towards buying future Glossyboxes. The subscription can be cancelled any time, so you can order only one box.
There are a couple of similar boxes on the UK market, but this is the closest to what I would like to test as it’s more make up than skin care oriented.

The December Glossybox arrived just in time for my Christmas office party. It is a special edition red box that looks very nice and festive:

And the contens were even more interesting than the box!

First item was the Cargo – Classic Lip Gloss.
I don’t remember the color I recieved, I already finished it!
It’s a pretty good lipgloss, it offers a sheer color coverage but a very nice shine. Also the tiny sample size was perfect for my make up bag. I will probably repurchase.

Second item was the Rituals Shower Gel
This is such a nice unusual shower gel! You spray it from the bottle and it creates a nice foam. The texture is lovely to apply to skin. The one thing I was not crazy is the fragrance I recieved, mint and mandarin doesn’t seem like the best combination for me.

Third item I recieved was the Blink and Go Hi Definition Mascara
When I opened the box it was the first thing I noticed! A full size mascara is really impressive! (Let’s not forget the full size shower gel either).
I was extremelly excited to wear this at the Christmas party. It lengthens the lashes a lot, but for me, it doesn’t make them thicker. It sets really well on the lashes (it felt like my lashes were “dressed” with the mascara) which makes it difficult to take off. As I continued to use the mascara every day, it got even more difficult to remove and I was pulling lashes out in the process.
For me, it has a “weird” formulation so I have decided not to use it anymore and have thrown it in the bin without regrets.

Fourth item was the Me Me Me Seventh Heaven
MeMeMe primer
The description says: “rich yet lightweight, moisturising facebase”.
At right now I have extremelly dry skin, and I was in desperate need of a good moisturising primer.
This product is not bad as a primer, however on the moisturising part I don’t feel it moisturises more than other normal primers. (Primers are supposed to moisturise too anyway!)
Another thing I didn’t like is the smell. Not only that it has fragrance in it, but I can still smell it long after I have applied it.
I’m going to use it every now and then until I finish the jar so it doesn’t get wasted, but this is not a favorite.

And last one, the Deborah Lippmann Razzle Dazzle
Razzle Dazzle
First reaction: “ooooh shiny pretty thing!”
The Deborah Lippmann nail varnish was the last thing I tested from the box. I’m really bad at doing my nails!
It takes a while to apply, in order to get the “ooh so shiny pretty color” on the nails you need 3 coats. Because the bottle is so tiny the brush was tiny as well. This was perfect for me because I have small hands and otherwise I would have spread the nail varnish everywhere.
The color is really pretty and lasted me about 4-5 days before it started chipping.
Removing it was a bit tricky. I used the The Stripper To Go varnish remover mitt it came with for one hand, but for the other hand I had to top up with my own remover.
Overall I enjoyed this product and I’m going to use it again for some party or other!

As for the box itself, I have put it to good use:
Make up storage

I am looking forward to January’s Glossybox which should be arriving next week! No news from the official Glossybox website as to when the next shipment is due, but it shouldn’t be much longer.

If you want to join, please consider using my referal link.


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